Missouri lengthens yellow lights for safety

 June 24, 2011  By: Kaboom!    Category: Weird News  


Missouri is lengthening yellow lights at intersections in an attempt to make them safer. Previously the timing of yellow lights was determined by how many cars needed to be squeezed through. Now the length of the individual intersection and traffic speeds will factor in.
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Man faces prison for attacking boy with a hedgehog

 April 07, 2008  By: Kaboom!    Category: Weird News  


A 27-year-old man faces a possible 5 years in prison after attacking a 15-year-old boy with a hedgehog. The man threw the animal from around 15 feet away and hit the youngster on the leg. The boy suffered a large red welt and puncture marks. When police arrived, the animal was dead. It’s not clear yet whether the man’s actions resulted in the death of the hedgehog.


India develops curry hand grenade

 April 01, 2008  By: Kaboom!    Category: Weird News  


India has developed a new nonlethal weapon in the war on terror: the curry hand grenade. The device packs curry, peppers and phosphorous that creates a choking cloud that brings baddies to their knees within seconds. A tank mounted version is also available for hosting larger events for terrorists hungry for pain.


Children in poor countries need more toilets

 March 20, 2008  By: Kaboom!    Category: Weird News  


UN Agencies for world health and children are underscoring the need for more toilets for children in poor countries. In fact, the lack of toilets is the second biggest killer of kids in poor countries. Without them, waste contaminates the soil and living areas and leads to serious diseases such as cholera.


Thief thwarted with frozen ham

 March 17, 2008  By: Kaboom!    Category: Weird News  


A would-be thief was sent running by a restaurant owner who smacked him in the face with a frozen ham. The owner of the Massachusetts restaurant heard someone in the freezer and went to investigate. He discovered the man making off with his arms loaded with meats. The restaurant owner chased him down and hit him in the face with a frozen ham, causing the thief to drop his load and run.
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Matt Damon and wife expecting a baby

 March 09, 2008  By: Kaboom!    Category: Weird News  


Matt Damon and his wife (not Sarah Silverman) are expecting their second child. A spokesman for couple declared them as “excited” and “happy” about the pregnancy.


Baby that survived tornado nicknamed “Tumbleweed”

 March 07, 2008  By: Kaboom!    Category: Weird News  


Baby Kyson Stowell of Chatanooga, Tennesee, has been nicknamed “Tumbleweed” after surviving being tossed around by a tornado. Lil’ Tumbleweed was treated for a collapsed lung and gashes at a local hospital and has since recovered. The baby’s 23-year-old mother was killed by the tornado and the infant is now cared for by his grandparents. Link